About Us

SMART Feed is a feed management tool that helps the online advertiser optimise and publish their product feed in a better way. We at SMART Feed make it possible for the customer to understand and use the service effectively. We have many integrated channels with us which help users to edit their feed according to each platform. SMART Feed is managed and owned by Moonbow Media.


Our robust automated Google Shopping platform and retail intelligence tool will beat your competition, reduce your workload as well as maximise profitability. We ostensibly aim to provide a clean and optimised product feed that in turn aids in the creation of different campaign structures to achieve the goals of your business. Maximum ROI is what we work towards, thereby dramatically improving performance, achieving thoroughness and accuracy through our intelligent analytics watch for product trends.

Our Mission

Improving your data feed quality is key to lowering your Adwords CPC and increasing Traffic. SMART Feed makes sure that your feed is up-to-date and contains all required information. Help advertisers make more money. Educational value to promote novice users into the experienced marketers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best feed management tool and be the first choice when people think of selling their products online.

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